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Pipes have been
around nearly as long
as human civilization
itself. But it isn't only
smokers who enjoy
them! Just consider
the tremendous
diversity of shapes,
sizes and color-- not
to mention the variety
of materials used to
make them, from clay
to boxwood to
porcelain, including
corncob, briar, and
"You do not need to
be a smoker of
pipes, or of tobacco
in any form, to enjoy
this be entertained
and instructed by
unique information,
you will find it a
fascinating volume."
The New York
The 165-page softcover
contains over 90 never
before-seen color and
black & white
photographs with
chapters on
pipemaking, buying,
smoking (including a
step-by-step guide to
lighting up), tobaccos,
Taster's Menu of
Blends," describing over
100 commercially
available pipe blends.
The very act of lighting
the pipe and smoking
it will take one's mind
off his or her troubles
and induce a relaxed
frame of mind. The
sole purpose of this
book is to help the
smoker achieve these
rare moments of
serenity, which are
increasingly hard to
come by in the
accelerating pace of
the modern world.
Many of the earliest
books, particularly
those dating back to
the 1900s and before,
are now extremely
scarce and
expensive. We are
republishing these
classic works in
affordable, high
quality, modern
editions, using the
original text and
The Tobacconist
Handbook exists as a
resource for lovers of
luxury tobacco to
enhance our
appreciation, and
quality of life. Great
cigars and pipes help
us ruminate,
decompress, gather
our thoughts and
emotions revitalize
ourselves, and savor
our time.
pipe smokers (and
anyone with a
penchant for the A
perfect gift for
occasional puff),
The Pipe
Companion details
the origins, history,
and customs of
pipe smoking.
A comprehensive book
containing 239 pages
full of history and
artwork.  Written in the
1973 but still a good
read for the serious and
occasional pipe smoker.
Pipes and Tobaccos is a
quarterly publication
dedicated to the celebration
of pipe collecting, tobacco,
and all things related to the
hobby of pipe smoking. It
contains stories on growing
and blending tobacco,
pipemakers, collectors, and
celebrity pipe smokers as well
as a variety of helpful hints.
This is the first American
book to consider the history
and development of the
tobacco-smoking pipe as an
art form and is an collectors.
Here the author has
assembled fact and fancy,
history laced with humor, and
a chronological collection of
Stories of
greatest craftspeople
intertwine with advice
and commentary in
these essays on the
art of pipe smoking.
220 pages with
many pictures
and an
history of pipes
and pipe
The first and best
book ever dedicated
solely to pipe
tobacco for the pipe
smoker. Not about
brands, but the
various leafs and
growing regions,
decribing what the
pipeman desires in
his smokeables.
305 pages of
basic information
for anyone who is
truly interested in
pipes and pipe
Confessions digs deep
to uncover the soul of
the pipeman. Defined,
analyzed, constructed,
and instructed, Schrier
lays bare all that the
man with his pipe is
and who he should be.